Washington has not been to Philadelphia after the NBA break, Satoran has not played

Washington basketball players did not get well into the NBA season and in the first match after the break, the Star Matches lost to Philadelphia 112: 120. Tomáš Satoransky did not get a favorite in the jersey. His star teammate Bradley Beal was 40 points best scorer but only the third defeat of the Wizards from the last eighteen games did not stop.

“The first match after a long pause and we were totally without energy, we did not manage at all,” Lamented Beal. Captain John Wall, who was the only one of the Southeast Division Leader, appeared at the New Orleans weekend show, gave 29 points, added 14 assists and eight rebounds.

“We lost our defenses. To make the attack exactly what they wanted, “he thought about the reason Wall lost.The new acquisition of Washington, croatian wing player Bojan Bogdanovic gave two points in 18 minutes. Marcin Gortat added 11 points and rebounds. The home team gave at least 20 points to three players, the leader was 25 points and 11 rebounds by Robert Covington.

The same winnings as the Wizards (34) already have a fourth Toronto table in the Eastern Conference Table. Raptors even without the wounded central rookie and Kyle Lowry star Kyle Lowry star beat the other team of East Boston 107: 97 primarily thanks to 43 points by DeMar DeRozan.

Another triple double, already 65.

in the NBA career and 28th This season, Russell Westbrook scored. Oklahoma’s 110: 93 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers scored 17 points, 18 rebounds and 17 assists.For the premiere of the Thunder jersey after coming from Chicago, Taj Gibson 12 and Doug McDermott gave eight points.

“Real professionals,” said Westbrook’s new teammates. “They came, and although they did not know any of our rehearsed events or systems, they did not play badly, they moved very well on the decks and filled the spaces, they showed that they understood the basketball.” Atlanta – Miami 90: 108, Chicago – Phoenix 128: 121 overtime, Denver – Brooklyn 129: 109, Indiana – Memphis 102: 92, LA Clippers – San Antonio 97:10, Milwaukee – Utah 95:10, Minnesota – Dallas 97:84, Oklahoma City Lakers 110: 93, Philadelphia – Washington 120: 112, Toronto – Boston 107: 97.