Unicef ​​Bratislava did not bring a gold set in the pot, the Turks advanced

BRATISLAVA – The Unicef ​​Bratislava volleyball team won the 2 nd round of the Nation Cup over the Galatasaray Istanbul Turkish team in Hant arena Pasienka 3: 2 (30, -21, 21, -12, 12), but the competition is racing.

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In the first match, they have succumbed to their opponents 0: 3, betting sites offers gold set.

VT Unicef ​​Bratislava – Galatasaray Istanbul 3: 2 (30, -21)

21 minutes, Twardowski (Poland) and Fattah (DE), 2100 spectators

Kiyak, Janič, Kisal , Elgaz, Coskovich, Dünge (Libero Dengin, Peksen, Nikolov,

In the turbulent atmosphere, a group of drummers ” , 8: 6), which later grew to the difference of four points (14:10).With the closing conclusion, however, the guests again reached out (20:19) and even after good blocks settled at 21:21.

In the 24:23 home game, the home team got to the first setball, but they did not use it as much as four. Meanwhile, the Turks, who served each other on the net, had to deal with two of them, and it was their turn, because the 6th seed of the Bratislavans meant their 1-0 lead. That encouraged them and in the second they quickly got a lead of 3: 0, but they also played for the first time (3: 4) and later even two points (8:10, 9:11).This difference was maintained at 17:19, followed by guests, and thanks to a few robust blocks went to 17:21 and even though the home was reduced to 21:22, the Turks had already finished the ending.

The first half of the next the set in which they headed 13:10, but then the home team turned to 14:13 and while still playing (15:17), their lead was shown decisive at 24:20. The first set of the players turned away, after another the Zanini team coach was looking forward to the 2: 1 lead.

The fourth set became a clear matter for Galatasaray, and so the winner decided up to the secret. In it the Turks led 11: 8, but the home in the end driven by great spectators turned the development and forced the gold set.

Emanuele Zanini (Unicefu coach): “I am happy with the fact that I am happy with what was our cooperative today, it was a very good duel in a great atmosphere and in the ‘normal’ match we managed to overcome as strong as Galatasaray, but on the other hand we are sorry that we are hurting close to the procedure and failed to reach us But we started very badly in the gold and we played 1: 7, which is hard to catch, and I think they have decided the experience and the excellent Nikolov, who had to get started despite having a broken finger, no matter what the result I am proud of by the one who showed the character even in an unfavorable state. “

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