This is JÁGR! Nedvěd compares partner with Messier

Jagr and Messier. Two legends, each from another dough. Perhaps just now, when the Czech Forward overcame the Canadian icon in the NHL’s historical scoring, the ice hockey stars were almost side by side. “Two great individualities and two very different types. Both on ice and outside, “compares Petr Nedvěd, a longtime longtime teammate of both icons.

Laughter belonged to James, the precision and dressing of the team to Messier. Petr Nedvěd had a favored countryman from the very beginning, the Canadian icon at first.But he finally found her way. “For the second time, we’ve been sitting a lot more than the first time,” explains the player who interviewed Jagger in Pittsburgh, the Rangers in New York and the Sochi Olympics, with Messier twice in the Rangers.

strong> Can one say who is the bigger hockey ace? And who’s closer to your nature?
“Both have an extraordinary career, Džegi has his style on the ice, and Messi has it too. Regarding what’s happening in the cabin as we did. I was always closer to Jard, it’s clear.We’ve spent several years in Pittsburgh, he did not have his Hockey family yet, and the world was okay…(laughs) But seriously. It was mainly a mentality, thanks to which we were very close to each other, we were laughing at each other and on the ice it was too much for us. “

Jagr has surpassed a complete peloton in productivity, Gretzky probably does not go To count among human beings, or does it?
“Dzhegr points out the people of this planet. Gretzky’s numbers really look like they’re from elsewhere. When you think about it, it’s incredible where Jard reached. It was a great pity he went to Russia that time. He was at an excellent age. At the age of thirty-six, he could score 70 points in a bad season, at around a hundred. At that time, he had a huge form, dominated.Now he collects points of knowledge slower. Of course it is possible that if he stayed in the NHL then he would play in Russia now. We will not know. He decided to have a reason, but in my eyes it’s a huge shame. “

What about Messier? At the first joint session of the 1994/95 season with the Rangers you were not more inclined, but in another engagement after six years you took it completely differently.
“I’m not disappointed that we sat a lot more than the first time for the second time. Hockey and human. Then between us it was perfectly fine and fine. In some cases, he has surprised me a lot. Previously, it was not that pink, but it does happen everywhere, people change, as do their opinions. Anyway, Mess was a huge leader, everybody had a great deal of respect for him.You did not have to agree with him in everything, but when he’s working, he’s fine. “

Messier was pedestrian on a flat cab, he had long talks to the team, . But some of the younger ones, the gravity of the situation could have gone wrong, do not you think?
“Sure. On the other hand, the Rangers had a lot of experienced players on their first stop, with whom they won the Stanley Cup before, and the young ones left to go. It was all redeemed for the next few years, when the veterans were gradually moving away from the tempo and there was almost no one in the team who would take it for them. There came a newcomer there, but there was not much. And the others already knew the Messe well. “

The Canadian view of both players used to be quite different.Messier was admired for his character and winning ghost, while Jagr had long been considered a fleet of Europe, and he had arrived mainly for points and moods in the cabin rather spoiled. Your View?
“As you say. Canada’s views of Messier and Džegi were totally different. A hundred percent. But there is nothing strange about it. When the boys from Canada come to us, we look at them all the way. Europeans had to take their name and respect in the NHL, they did not get anything for free. Jarda and I were no exception. In the course of time, the view has changed, of course, no one could deny that Džegi has been a few seasons in the league’s best striker. “

Also in Canada, they notice the Stanley Cups more than the accumulated points, do you agree? >
“Sure.The Stanley Cup will always be the most, it’s given from the very beginning. At the same time, nobody forgets the bows, who were demonstrably great and the cup has never been touched. Or to your old knees. Maybe Ray Bourque. A great beck, a Boston machter, but if he did not get to Colorado for the last two seasons, Stanley Cup would never have met. The number of cups is not the most credible player’s quality indicator, but it’s taken very seriously. “

Maybe a half of your career raises a draft where weak teams choose the best items. “Exactly. Anyone with whom you have a 10-year chance to win the cup will play for you to play off twice. That’s it. The Stanley Cup is a lot of luck to the club.Jieze chose Pittsburgh, picked up the Stanley Cup in the first two seasons, and Jarda has never got anything. If someone else chose it, who knows how it should be with the cups. He could go to Detroit for a few years and it would take him a couple of years to get up. “

If you met Messier today, should you say what? Do you need a lesson?
“I believe so. As I say, during my second performance in Rangers, we huddled, we rode together for training, for the airport. It’s never been like we did not know what to say. That first year, I’d just be screaming…”(smiles)