The youngest players were in Baník Ostrava

During the season, thirty football players were replaced in Ostrava. That would be nothing special, it puts the club in the middle of the league field. More than ten of them were born in 1994 and later.

Ostrava coach Petr Frnek asking whether he was surprised that Baník had the most young players from all the first league teams on the pitch resolutely replied: “No.” / P>

He added that in the winter, Baník assumed that the cadre is very young. “So I figured it out. In the course of the winter preparations we also found out that the best extreme defender in Baník is Matěj Helešic, “he pointed out to an eighteen-year-old footballer.

However, in the winter his club on his left stick won from Hajduk Split another young boy, the twenty- Luciče.And he played most of the spring.

“We have to put a junior at the beginning of spring to get a school and other stuff together,” Frňka reminded. “But we have agreed that he will return to the AAC in the summer. But when Luke was injured, we gave Matthew the space and the season was over. “

Helesic made five matches – 426 minutes. Lučič entered nine matches, 749 minutes in total. Due to economic problems, Baník had to give more opportunity to young, cheaper players. He did not have the money for those experienced.But the club has always been renowned for its broad youth base.

So, was so many young football players in a set forced by circumstances or is it a club philosophy?

“How in,” Frnek said. “Some of you were in the squad, I gave you some, some talked about it, and maybe another. It’s so right, it’s the way we should go. “

However, the coach has pointed out that he can not rely on young men for any price. “Too early shifts to high-end players often lead to a loss of performance, changing the motivation chart. Those guys may not be well prepared for it.Daniel Holzer, Francis Narh, Derreck Mensah, and Patrizio Stronati, even in winter, headed to Austrija Vienna, played the most miners for most minutes.

Who has the greatest future ahead of Petr Frnek? “Hard to say. Young people can go one season, or even half of it, up and down.But I dare to say that if Matěj Helešic does not cling to his character and his approach and he does not start crazy, then he has the chance to get it far. “So could so many young players for Baník promise in the future?


“As for Matěj, yes, but for some other players, which of course I will not name, this is a bubble inflated,” said Petr Frnek. Matěj Helešic does not admit that he should Being some great talent. “Even though I’m young, I want to show up. I do not consider anything else, “said the defender. “I go all the way to the match. Complete. “