The Slovaks have fun, he is now on the World Cup. The Russians: It was like Tretyak

Pardubice fans will surely remember how Hudáček once enjoyed some unusual celebrations of winning matches.

In the extrali, he played a biathlon player, after moving to the Örebrö in Sweden, he showed enthusiastic audience catching fish, jumping over a goat (or a goalman partner), riding a roller coaster. One day he even brought a group of children from the cabin, aligned them on the blue line and danced together Macarena.

The laughing Slovakian teammates praised and suggested to make a mascot. “Why not? We do not have the mascot, the show for the fans has to do, “Hudacek replied. As if he had a celebration in the blood, he managed the cheerfulness of the košický” golden hattrick “in Energybet sport betting the Slovak extralize four years ago.The celebration of the triumph had, according to Hudáček, to last for three days…

There was not much and even an unusual show was also seen on Sunday in Ostrava. Hudacek against Russia gave excellent performance, counted 29 successful interventions, some interventions were unbelievable. Still, the Slovaks fell 2: 3 after a prolongation.

“We played an excellent match in a great atmosphere. Too bad to the conclusion. The last five minutes were better, we had a clear goal chance.We have at least a point that we might have taken before the game, but we could have won, too, “Hudacek said.

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” They have thrown me among Russian sharks, “laughed the Slovak goalkeeper when they asked him how he enjoyed his first start at the World Championship. “I was surprised that I was not even nervous.”

The evening before the game he could not sleep, he did not want to disappoint his teammates or fans. When he stepped on the ice, the voltage dropped. He relaxed and captured-though not all-the Russian stars.Coincidentally, he surpassed Vladimir Tarasenko, whom Hudáček remembers from a short-lived work in Novosibirsk. “Otherwise I do not have any experience with Russian hockey,” he said.

Hudáček’s performance was also appreciated by the Russian press. According to the Sovietskij sport, the goalkeeper of Slovakia caught Tretyak. The legendary goalkeepers and now the head of the Russian Union were to look at the CEZ Arena. It is hard to say whether he also saw himself in Hudáček himself.

The Slovak goalman, however, was sorry that his team had a single point. The odds for the quarterfinals have fallen further. If Belarus matches at least two points in the match with Finland and Norway, the Slovaks will end in the championship.

“We still have hope, we have to fight. We can calculate how it is.We will do everything to win three points against the Americans and wait for the Belarusians. I firmly believe that with a little luck quarterfinals will be released, “said 26-year” východniar. “

When the fate of Slovaks indulged procedure must Hudáček Tuesday night again invent some fun celebration.

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