Pies, earrings, laughter. Soukalová again enjoys the biathlon

First little reminiscence. December 2014, endurance race at Östersund. Gabriela Soukalová ends in 62th place! It is bothered, without motivation, without energy, cooked.

A year later. Another woman. Cheerful and wild. Biathlon enjoys her. “I have a good mood,” he says in Östersund. “Even though sport is the last thing I do. But it’s been a long time. “

What does he think the most about?

“Good food. Sweet leads. “

According to the sweetness, it also distinguishes individual World Cup events.

1. round in Östersund. “The great cookies here are very dangerous.”

2. round in Hochfilzen: “Excellent Mozart’s spheres.”

3.round in Pokljuce: “I’m looking forward to the excellent pancakes in Sporthotel.”

Now from the jewelery canteen. Do you know why on Sunday you ran the relay for the first time? “To make new earrings visible,” he jokes.

“It hurts me a long time. All. Whole body. I’m middle age, “she laughs. “But I still enjoy it.”

Just on the shooting range they enjoy less. Reboot charging 0 + 2 has been missed yet. “But in preparation I had the shot uncertain.It seemed like I was not so stupid. “

The unpredictable wind is sometimes so strong that Facebook’s Facebook trainers report:” betting sites offers When you run out onto the observation platform above the arena, you have a good chance that you from there it blows up somewhere to the polar circle. “

online betting offers Just hope that the shooting will arrive at the right (quiet) time. In spite of his current period of permanent laughter, Soukalová thinks of the endurance race (starting at 17.15). “Once I’m laughing before the race, it’s not good. I’d rather concentrate. I’ll come to the start, if possible in time, and I will go. “


Targets do not change.Actually, one of them: “I want to beat the last year’s result in Östersund.”

Which does not mean he will end the fifties and say: Super, he managed.

“But I rather do not expect anything big. Because when I wait for something, I’ll always ruin it. “

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