Országh on leaving Chad: It was a shock to me. There are also players in the game

BRATISLAVA. After leaving Rostislav Chad from the position of the main trainer of the ice hockey team of Slovan Bratislava, at least one assistant Vladimir Országh will lead in this match.

Still, only a 37-year-old Banskobystričan has been premiered as the main coach of Slovan on Saturday in a match against CSKA Moscow. In the past he was leading the Banská Bystrica extra-league.

“When I heard that message on Thursday night, it was a shock to me, I did not expect it,” Orszag said after Friday afternoon training. His assistants will be Ján Lipiansky and Pavol Rybár. The player said: Nothing changes

Országh had only a short talk before the players. “I emphasized to them that when I arrived, I liked the discipline in the team, as Rosťo (Chada, pozn.) Arranged it.I said to them that nothing should change and we go further, “said Országh.

He says he has no need to be aware of the pressure.” I must be ready as a team. We have a difficult game against CSKA. There is nothing to make up, boys know the system. We only have to prepare ourselves responsibly. This is a temporary solution for one match so far. I want to enjoy it, as well as boys. We will do our best to be successful, “said a temporary coach.

A major change in the team’s performance is not going to happen.” It would be a mistake to change things a lot and to mislead the boys. It’s hard to invent something for a single duel, “said Országh.Országh can imagine he will stay until he is the main coach. “I know the leadership of the club is looking for a new coach, my teamwork is still temporary, and I know everything, even if I stay in the post of a coach, but I need to take into account a lot of things, experience and difficulty of KHL. Even against, “Országh says.

Trainer Rostislav Chad on Thursday night asked the leadership of Slovan for early contract termination.After the interview, the officials agreed and agreed to end the co-operation. Chada has been the head of Slovan Bratislava’s team since spring 2012.

Players have learned about Chad’s end just before Friday’s afternoon training from general manager Maroš Krajči.

“Nobody knew it.” In the morning we saw ourselves in surprise, we did not know anything, and my coach Chada helped me, we had two seasons in Slovan, I was full of them, To say nothing wrong, “said the attacker Michal Vondrka. Our coach

“We all caught up with it, it’s fresh and we’ll see what’s going to happen next, and with boys, we only have to say that the deployment needs to stay on the same level as before.The training under the leadership of the new coach has practically nothing changed, “said Captain Slovan attacker Milan Bartovič.

Even goalkeeper Jaroslav Janus, under the guidance of an experienced Moravian coach, spent two complete seasons in Slovan in KHL. We have to respect it and go further. The Chada trainer was a bit of his own, but remembering him I would only be good. It has not always been easy, we have overcome many difficult situations but helped in my career, “said Janus.