Mičola trained Ústí and reports: Baník has grown to compete, everyone wants to play

He did not come to coach Vlastimil Petržel in the basic set. The competition in Baník grew over the winter and Tomáš Mičola carried it over to a substitute bench. The Ostrava coach sent him into play after a break. Mitchla rushed into the playground like a hungry dog, did not shoot a duel, and mainly: scored two goals. He played a significant part in his team defeating Usti nad Labem 3: 0 and started the race to return to the first league.

First he ran on the long-haul passport of defender Petr Breda, and he also took advantage of the fact that the Ústí nad Labem Reclaimed the offside, and ended his solo with an accurate shot. And then he was lucky to have bounced the ball so ideally that after the intervention of the Ústí goalkeeper Marian Tvrdon he only had to reach him.So it happened that Tomáš Mičola scored two Ostrava goals in the first match of Baník. And it was half-time on the pitch. But if he persuaded Petržel to bring him back to the base, he did not know…

You might have felt that you would not get into the basics of Baník. It was speculated that?
“Yes. But…After a terribly long time, I’ve been training every training session now. I felt good. And I wanted to play. Everyone is upset when he does not play. Of course, of course. But I’ve given two goals and I’m glad to help the team in the end. “

Do you think that your coach will return to the base report?
“I believe so. Even when Peky (Štefan Pekár) is here, he is a very good footballer who came in the winter.And I was so sorry he did not get to the pitch because he’s a good kid. We’ve grown competitive, that’s good, of course. Wrestling is still a lot, so I will fight. I do not know a footballer who does not care that he does not play. “

Usti you beat 3: 0, but in the first half Baník was certainly not on the pitch. Do you agree?
“There was nervousness on our side. Preparation takes two and a half months, when the first sharp match finally comes, there is always the nervousness there. But I think we could lead two goals in the first half. Luckily, I managed to score the second half in the second half. This made it a little bit calmer.We won and I believe it will strengthen us. “

Coach Petrzela is not only going after the course, but also after the first place in the table. Do you have that?
“I would like to play first. But Olomouc seems to be still in the lauf. It does not lose points. I also have a great respect for Opava, Budějovice, Vlašim and Znojmo. These are teams that play good football, and they will not be under such pressure as we do. We must win every match. So I will be happy for the second place. Especially if that is the way it is and in the summer it is here again the first league. “

You have won the ninth home match this season, you have not lost a point yet in Vítkovice. What is the domestic power of Baník? In the fans?
“People do a lot.There is a lot of them here and there is a lot to know. Whoever wants to play open football with us in terms of teams from the second half of the table, I think it would be suicide. “

You expected them to come to the match with the O’Clock Seven thousand?
“I’ve seen the weather, so it was waiting.”

Now you have two matches outside. Your opponent’s playgrounds have not been successful in autumn…
“That’s true. I think that even if there is still a lot of matches to go, the two outdoors that are waiting for us may be breaking the whole season. “