Laekmanova won the Chodeckú twentieth, Czaková 53.

LONDON – The Golden Medal of Walking Races at 20 km on XXX Games.Olympiad was won by Russian representative Jelena Lašmanova in time 1: 52,02 h, which in addition 6 overs over the world record of the ex-Sokolov ex-countryman.  Maria Czakova  Jelena Lašmanová  Maria Czakova  Maria Czakova  Maria Czakova

Mária Czaková

The winner took advantage of the arrival of several hundred yards ahead of the finish line and got ahead of another Russia Oľga Kaniskinová, who was in the first place almost during the whole race.

“In the morning when I wake up, I do not even know it. I just did not think I could win In the race I stopped believing but my coach told me every time I was calm and did not give up I continued and in the last lap I noticed that the others were already tired “ said happy Russia

Slovak Mária Czakova finished 53rd place when it reached time 1: 37.43 h. She wanted more, but as she said, it did not work out of it.

“At least 1:36:30 I was hoping I was going.Halfway through the track I was doing well but my legs hardened later, I could hardly breathe, it came from my stomach. It sounds like an excuse, but I really could not, “ started Czaková.

At the end she tried to improve the person (1:37:41) > “They missed two seconds, pity. At the 14th and 16th kilometers, my legs were completely gone, and I had to do what I wanted to do to get back. It has not let me do it anymore. The heat was great, I did not get refreshed, and one refresher was missing on the other side. I was the worst person, but I’m very disappointed. I did not think about giving up, the Olympics are fighting for the rest.”

The Olympiad is considered by Maria Czakova to be a great motivation: > “I should be driving forward, I need to redistribute reserves and try to work on them. I have never experienced such an atmosphere, it was amazing. Both personal trainers, parents and a few friends have encouraged me.

Mária Czaková has closed the account of the Slovak expedition on the OH: “I knew I was the last of ours , But I did not finish the last one, at least in the same way, even if my placement and the time of the dead. “

Walk 20 km: Jelena Lašmanova (RUS) 1: 25.02 h – world record, 2. Oľga Kaniskinová (RUS) 1: 25.09, 3. Čchi-jang Šen-ti (China) 1: 25.16, 4. Liou Chung (China) 1: 26.00, 5. Anisja Kirdiapkin (Rus) 1: 26.26 6. Lu Siou-c'(China) 1: 27.10 7. Elisa Rigaudova 1: 27,36 8.

Beatriz Pascual (Sp.) 1: 27,56…53.Maria Czakova (SR) 1: 37,43

Maria Czakov

Maria Czakov

Maria Czakov

Maria Czakov

Maria Czakov

 Jelena Lašmanovov