Košice won another triumph against Zilina: Five-goal throws in the first third

KOŠICE – The first third brought a five-goal throw in the Steel Steel arena. In the 6th minute the home defeated Chovan, which surprised Laca – 1: 0.

The guests responded after the hard shot of Kloud, who at 7.minute sent a puck to the right gauntlet of the košická gate – 1: 1.

minute Filip Novák and Kropáč lean forward, but Hylák presented good moves. During the home game, he was close to the goal of Jenčík, but he did not shoot Laca close. 18 minutes into the game, Buc turned up for a lead and scored for the home side’s 1 – 2 goal. A few seconds later, the Slovaks called for Spilara to end with an ideal pass and he did not make a mistake – 2: 2. A further 41 seconds later Sluka illegally attacked the escaping Konečný and the chief arbiter ordered the shooting.The home wings put the goalie on the ice and the shot under the upper hand made it 3: 2.

with determination, they moved well, defended, and tried to make quick contours. The first serious opportunity was made by guests in the 27th minute, when Štebák was dangerously burned by the numerous advantages. A counterattack by Laca Sojčík was the one of the defenders. At 33 minutes Bajaník sent a shot by Hylákov with a shot, but Buc could not understand what to do with an open goal. Two minutes later Hylák drew at the Drevenak End when he was able to move lightly. At the beginning of the 36th.minutes degraded “steelmakers” Captain Strbak when he was punished 5 minutes plus until the end of the match, but the guests did not use the advantage offered. On the other hand, they could win on the occasion of Jenčík and Ladislav Nagy.

At the start of the third game, the home team created pressure, but Bicek, Nagya and Spilar were left unused. The “Wolves” coached the area in front of their goalie and 46 minutes after the rare one scored Varga – 3: 3. A minute later, the guests from Žilina almost managed to score the fourth goal, Filip Novák’s shot fell to the goal keeper, but the puck came to cover the goal line. He also burned Varga and, on the other hand, frightened Laca Sojčík. At 53.minutes later, Bartos roared past the visitors’ goal, bekhendom sent a pass in front of Laca and the defender from Žilina accidentally hit the net – 4: 3. At the end, guests have called away the goalkeeper, but the status has not changed.

HC Košice – MsHK DOXXbet Žilina 4: 3 (3: 2, 0: 0, 1: 1) /> Goals: 6. Martin Chovan (P. Bartoš, R. Konečný), 19. Spilar (Marek Slovák, R. Jenčík), 20. R. Konečný, 53. P. Bartoš (Šeda) – 7. Klouda (Kropáč, Dornič), 18. D. Buc (Valášek, Kalla), 46. T. Varga
Squat: 6: 8 for 2 min, in addition: Štrbák (Košice) , T. Orolin – Korba, Rovenský, 3281 viewers

Košice: Šeda, M. Novák, since 21 Hrnka – Spilar, Marek Slovák, R.

Zilina: M. Jeníček – Svatoš, Češík, L. Nagy – Bicek, Marcinko, Sojčík – Jokeľ, P. Bartoš. Laco – Rúfus, Marcel Šterbák, Ostrčil, Bajaník, Dlouhý, Sluka, Niník – T. Varga, Klouda, Drevenák – Valášek, Kalla, D. Buc – F. Macejka, Linet, Anton Tomko (coach coach): “Zilina plays a very tough game with his opponents. Despite the fact that the audience saw them in the first third of five goals, we were not happy with the match, we played 1: 2 and even though we turned the score, we had to clear the table in the cabin, it was such an effect that we started to fake. , the attacks were disrupted.”

Jan Neliba (coach of Zilina): ” They knew the third goal after the opponent’s exact match. we are that Košice have a very good team of leading a table. We turned the score to our advantage. In 2: 1, we could have jumped, we had two chances. Then we did two gross mistakes, and Košice went into the lead. We still have a duel, but we have got an unfortunate goal. I must boast of the fighters. “