Title : ebXML Asia Committee starts ebXML interoperability certification program and certificates 12 organizations

ebXML Asia Committee starts ebXML interoperability 
certification program and certificates 12 
Bangkok, Thailand; 8 August 2003 – ebXML Asia Committee announced starting of ebXML interoperability certification program and issued ebXML interoperability certification on ebXML Message Service specification 2.0, including basic functions and reliable messaging, for 12 companies and organizations passed the interoperability test.Interoperability is one of key issues to realize Internet based B2B eBusiness using multi- vendor implementations,even across countries. ebXML Message Service is designed for B2B communication and its reliable messaging function is to guarantee message delivery such as arrival of a business message sent from one company to another,preservation of message order and elimination of duplicated arrival of business messages. The goal of the ebXML ASIA Committee interoperability certification is to promote ebXML through the certification of interoperability among ebXML Asia Committee members’ products. The certificate includes such information as "Class" which specifies the ebXML specification to be covered and "Level" which specifies the test categories. ebXML Asia Committee interoperability test is performed by the Interoperability Task Group (ITG) and the interoperability certification is issued by ebXML ASIA committee. And, the result of test and certification is announced on the ebXML Asia’s homepage (www.ebxmlasia.org). The ebXML Asia Committee certificates the following 12 organizations: - CECID, The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong SAR,    China) - CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd (Singapore) - Fujitsu Limited (Japan) - GCOM Information Service Co., Ltd (Chinese Taipei) - Hitachi, Ltd. (Japan) - Institute for Innovative IT, Kasetsart University    (Thailand) - Innodigital Co., Ltd. (Korea) - KTNET (Korea) - NEC Corporation (Japan) - POSDATA (Korea) - Samsung SDS (Korea) - SKLSE (State Key Laboratory of Software Engineering),    Wuhan University (China) ITG soon initiates the 3rd round of ebXML Interoperability test, which will cover security related test items of ebXML Message Service Specification. For more information, please contact Secretariat of ITG ([email protected]). About ebXML Asia Committee ebXML Asia Committee (www.ebxmlasia.org) is a regional committee jointly initiated by the Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM) of Japan, the Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce (KIEC) of Korea and the Taipei Computer Association of Chinese Taipei. The Committee was established in December 2000 to promote ebXML in Asia, to jointly deal with ebXML work through the cooperation among Asian countries and to facilitate electronic commerce in the Asian region. With the gradual increase of membership, there are currently more than 24 organizational members from 11 regions of Asia Pacific (Australia, China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, and Thailand). The Committee leadership is represented by the Steering Committee, which includes Chair (Hisanao Sugamata of ECOM), Vice-chair (Frank Lin of TCA), Secretariat (KIEC) and two organizations (last meeting host and next meeting host). About ITG of ebXML Asia Committee ITG (Interoperability Task Group) of ebXML Asia Committee is a sub task group of ebXML Asia Committee. The ITG, jointly chaired by Mr. Masahiko Narita of Fujitsu Limited and Ms. Jinee Lee of Innodigital, aims to promote ebXML standards by proving the interoperability of ebXML specifications through actual tests. Currently, more than 14 member organizations of ebXML Asia Committee are participating in the ITG. The ITG started its testing on messaging services and plans to extend its testing scope into Security, Registry & Repository and Business Process.