Kanoist Fuksa on ME September, kayaking champion Dostal on the final came

Fuksa made the third fastest lap time on both tracks. Sure the race for medals had immediately after the race at kilometer also deblkanoisté Jaroslav Radoň and Filip Dvořák, deblkajak Daniel Havel, Jan Štěrba and Kayak Four Havel, Lukáš Trefil, Josef Dostál, Sterba.

In the category čtyřkanoí have signed only six crews, so quartet Tomáš Janda, Dan Drahokoupil, Vojtěch Ruso and Radek Miškovský waits straight finals. Radoň with Dvorak did not have to race again on neolympijské pětistovce.

kayaker Anna Kožíšková did not advance to the finals of the race, but clearly won the semifinals and will also be in the final nine.A similar result was scored at K2’s Lence Hrochová and Lucii Krpatové, who slipped from the last, third position from the semifinals on a non-polar kilometer.

The ruling world champion at kilometer Dostál hesitated in the race. He wanted to ride on the wave of Dan René Poulsen, but he slowed down and the Czech kayak let himself go by the others. “I knew I would not win, but then I had to finish it pretty much, so it hurt, the last hundred meters it was so stiff, but at least I started off. So I’m going to break the power better, and maybe I’m going to the final, “Dostal said.But that did not work. “It was not quite a day today, but it was quite a bit of a racing race,” he said.

Fuksa was slightly nervous before the morning race on a kilometer, but he felt good when he started the race. “I think it was in a dry trick,” he said in a hint at the fact that he did not even get involved. “I was trying to get ahead if someone in the finisher came in order to be in front of him. I still had some power, although the race is not ideal, but in the final it will be even better, “said the double medalist from the World Championship and the Champion of Europe at the Neolithic Five-hundreds.

Worse feeling. “I probably ate a lot of lunch and my stomach ached a bit.As I had breakfast early, I ate little, and then I was terribly hungry, so I ate, “Fuksa wrote. “Maybe I’ve underestimated it, I did not even go. But in the end I put it in peace. It was quite fast, and time was fast, so I’m happy. Now I’m going to the massage, I’m lying down and getting ready for the final, “he planned.

The Deblcanoists wanted to go straight to the final, which made them the third place in the race. They had reservations about their ride. “It was tough, the first sharp race of the season. We were surprised by the Ukrainians, who shot both rockets, “Dvorak said. “The first race always hurts, but our goal was to advance,” added Radoň. In the finals, they will move their pace. “We are experienced athletes.Let’s go better technically, “they planned.

For Havel, Štěrba is the main discipline of the European Championship Four, but K2 showed an individual strength. “We were doing our best, the ride went great. We enjoy the race on the deck, because nobody really expects us, “Havel said. They took the second best time overall. “The priority is the four that we would like to win a medal. If it falls on that strip, we’ll just love it, we have a decent shape, “added the Czech crew hook.