ebXML Asia Committee is a regional committee jointly initiated by the Korea Institute for Electronic commerce (KIEC) of Korea, the Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM) of Japan and the Taipei Computer Association of Chinese Taipei. The Committee is mandated to promote ebXML in Asia, to jointly deal with ebXML work through the cooperation among Asian countries and to facilitate electronic commerce in the Asian region. The Committee was launched as of 7 Dec. 2000 with its first meeting. The Committee holds its meeting three times a year and is open to anyone in the Asian region for participation. The missions of ebXML Asia Committee are as follows

1. To contribute to the project teams of the ebXML Initiative so that the commercial rules/cultures and the languages of Asian region can be reflected on the ebXML specifications;
2. To establish the bridgehead for promoting ebXML implementation in Asia; and
3. To represent the Asian region for development/maintenance of ebXML specifications in accordance with the ebXML management procedures.

The activities of ebXML Asia Committee include, but are not limited to, the following work:

• Holding of Joint Seminars and Conferences in the Asian region
• Launching of Joint Projects
• Promotion of Participation of Asian People and countries in the ebXML Work
• Development of eBusiness Solution Conformant to ebXML Specifications
• Regional Proof of Concept Demonstration
• Joint work on the promotion of interoperability among ebXML solutions
• Establishment of ebXML Registry & Repository for Asian Region and Each Asian Country
• Joint Study on Multi-linguistic Support of ebXML
• Reflection of Asian Culture and Business Practices in the ebXML Business Processes and
Core Components

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