In professional sports everything is under control

In professional sports everything is under control

In 2007 when NBA referee Tim Donahue has resigned amid rumors that the referees affect the outcome of the games, the sports media went crazy. The idea that some external force is trying to change the outcome of the match, especially upsetting the gamblers. The truth is that the real effect of which may cause a judge or a player in competition of the two teams is minimal, and the scandal with Tim Donahue was a rare exception to the rule.
Consider that the high salaries of contemporary professional athletes reduce the likelihood that they will take money in exchange for the plums of the match. Notorious baseball scandal of 1919, where he was involved with Joe Jackson and seven of his team-mates at the “white SOx”, occurred at a time when the pros earn much less than they earn today. Jackson and his associates because of the low salaries it was difficult to refuse large sums of money offered by those seeking the benefits of players.

Winners determined by sports analysts

Just turn on ESPN or open a newspaper to find options for the big game this week. Television has transformed sports reporting in an avalanche of news 24/7.

But journalists are not professional capper. Explore the track record of this expert, and you will likely be disappointed by the accuracy of its predictions. Want a real example? The accuracy of the joint forecast of the sports experts of the New York Post over the last 20 years never exceeded 50%. These people get paid for what they write or say about the sport and they entertain the people, so he continued to read their Newspapers or watch their channels.

Progressive betting system help you win

Progressive betting systems are the same time as there are gambling games.

In sports betting, these systems look as funny as in craps or roulette. They are known under many different names, but are built on the same scheme, according to which bettor should double or reduce the size of their bets depending on the outcome of the round. Serious players effortlessly can see a flaw in this mindset – the amount you bet per game, do not affect the likelihood of your victory.

The study of pairs of statistical indicators gives you an advantage

To study the upcoming game at the average bettor is no such amount of time is the bookmaker. This leads people to compare a few statistics to put money on the team or player that look for these indicators better. Let’s face it – it’s easier than to conduct an in-depth study conducted by the bookies in games with handicap. Value of statistics competition exaggerated.

This is just some of the myths of sports betting, which force players to make serious mistakes when it comes time to bet.