From jail straight into the goal. The club signed the killer, the sponsors are raging

Unbelievable development has the story of Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno. Eight years ago, he was the captain of Flamengo’s first-league captain, and he was supposed to become the leader. Only a year later he was sitting in a cell because of the suspicion of murdering his girlfriend. And today? Instead of serving a long sentence, he is about to stand up again between the three bars. The controversial step of the second-league Boa Esporte, which Bruno signed, caused a tremendous wave of revolt.

In 2010, the football world hit an incredible message. At that time, the twenty-five-year-old Bruno, who was to become a new Brazilian national team after Julius Cesar, had killed his girlfriend Lizu Samudo. After three years in prison where he tried suicide twice, he heard the verdict – 22 years for Abduction, murder and hiding of the body.The last accusation relates to the horrible testimony of Bruno’s relative, according to which the keeper has cut his beloved body and handed the remains to his Rottweilers.

The horrible story has a surprising judgment. Bruno will not get out of jail in 2032, he was released early this March. The Brazilian court acknowledged that the three years he spent in waiting for the sentence was too long because he had a permanent job and was tried for his first misdemeanor. In addition, Bruno is not expecting to be retired, he immediately returned to football and signed in the second Brazilian league. “Bruno signs the contract for two years,” confirmed the director of Boa Esporte. More than a controversial decision, he was rather attracted to his club.The team that has returned to the second highest competition after a year in the Third Brazilian League is threatened with a mass withdrawal of sponsors.

“We have asked the club to reconsider the decision to sign Bruno goalkeeper. If they do not, we will unfortunately think about ending sponsorship, “wrote Góis e Silva Group, chief patron of Boa Esporte, in a statement.

” Players should set an example for children and everyone who loves football. We asked for our logo to be removed from the jerseys and the club’s website, “wrote representatives of the club’s commercial partner, Cardiocenter, on Facebook.In addition, the official website of the club has attacked hackers who have expressed resistance to involvement of the convicted assassin.

The Brazilian Serie B begins in mid-May, until then the Boa Esporte must decide whether to prioritize sponsorship or reinforce the perpetrator Goalkeeper.