Football league: Blazek is good, Sparta in Budějovice and the fight for cups

All matches have a single kickout on Saturday from 17.15. In the past, it has been decided that Pilsen is a champion, and České Budějovice and Hradec Králové will go down to the second league.

Still there is something to be played.

Bohemians are among the best In the last five games, won three times and twice drawn. At home in Pilsen, the new champion on the Bohemians course in a separate Czech league won only once – in 2009.

“I am glad that we have been successful in the last period and I believe we can do that And we still get some points, “says Pivarník coach.

Pilsen has not won the last six league games, winning five times.

Bohemians are the team that will definitely want to succeed against the champions of the league, they also play at home and it was never easy, “said Pilsen coach Miroslav Koubek.

Sparta needs a point that, irrespective of the results of the third Jablonec, it definitely confirms the position in the second place, which guarantees qualification for the Champions League. Budějovice is already descending.

“We can not speculate, calculate and play on a point. But we are going to confirm the quality and win, “said assistant Václav Jílek.

Sparta won the last six matches with a score of 18: 3.

On the last two home games.The Spartans of the last five league leagues have lost points three times.

Sparta’s Captain Lafata is a buddy junior, with eighteen goals the league’s best shot.

Jablonec has a third place and a theoretical hope of silver. But he has to win the two remaining games and hope that Sparta will not score until the end of the league.

Jablonec, who has been successful in Ostrava before the Wednesday Cup finals against Liberec, defeated her five times in a row.In the spring he lost only one of the twelve duels (on Dukla).

“We have some jokes from the charged program, but we do not plan any big hits in the basic set, it would not be good before the final score,” said Jiri Chytry.

Ostrava has won only twice in the spring, with twenty-two goals having the worst attack on the league.
“I hope this will be a good match and that we will contribute. He says the opponent is the third mancaft of the league and has scored fifty-one goals and is very productive, “said Petr Frnek, a coach from Ostrava.

A battle of teams looking for a form. Slovácko in the last four rounds won only one point and won fourteen goals.Boleslav won only one of the last seven games.

Slovácko did not beat Boleslav ten times in a row with the cup matches. Both teams met in April in the quarterfinals of the Cup and moved to Boleslav. Boleslav is the fourth place to qualify for the European League. At the fifth Pribram he has a two-point lead.

“To maintain our current position, we need to score, regardless of whether we play outdoors or at home. That is why we are going to Slovácko with the intention of adding the points, “said Boleslav coach Karel Jarolím.

Boleslav captain Ščuk will take the 100th league match.

Pribram is a surprise of the season, Cups.Even if it did not pass the fourth Boleslav, there is a chance that the qualification for the European League will play from the fifth place – if Jablonec in the home cup final must defeat Liberec. Pribram fifth place defends against Teplice or Dukla. If he wins and Teplice will not win at Dukla, he has the fifth straight.

In recent years, Pribram and Brno have won home.Pribram won the last ten home games eight times and twice draws.

“I do not want to bet the changes forward, but we will get a chance for a wider player, which we are counting for next year,” said Vaclav Kotal, coach of Brno.

The winners can stay hoping for the cups, defeated with the vision of the European League qualify for good reason.

Dukla in a separate league at home with Teplice has not yet won, but currently she has failed – she has lost three of the last four duels.

“Teplice has an offensive team with fast-paced players, they can wait for the opportunity and take advantage of fast counterattacks and standard situations in which they will have a high-stakes advantage,” said domestic coach Luboš Kozel.

“We will want to fix the latest outdoor results.In the spring we are doing well in the home and we would like to confirm this in this match and say goodbye to our fans by winning. “

Neither Teplice have a great form, winning only twice in nine league games.

There is a fight between a son and his father, the home keeper Filip Rada is the son of the Teplick coach Petr Rada, who used to act as a player at the club in Prague.

Jihlava never denied Liberec Duels only three times tied. She has not been successful in the past few weeks, she has fallen three times in a row and has not scored a goal for 198 minutes.”We believe that this fact will be a great motivation for his teammates to win the winner with the highest competition.”

At the same time, we hope that the legendary goalman will come to say goodbye to the fans too, “Marek Zubec, Jihlava Assistant, said.

Liberec saved the last win over Hradec and lost only in Pilsen from the last seven rounds. In the middle of the day, the final of the Cup with Jablonec is waiting for him.

Hradec is already a descendant, Slavia has won the last round of the win over the Duklá.

Nothing is definitely for us We do not take it anymore. On the contrary.We want to finish the competition with maximum points, “said the coach Miroslav Beránek. “We would be glad if we were able to build a match with Dukla that we won.”