Fisherman: The bug has compromised performance. But I have to get up

In Hradec, Patrik Rybár won a very strong position. The season started in the first league, nice to show off. But he was so good that Mountfield could not overlook him for too long. Soon afterwards, he took the place of one in the extralize, becoming a support.

But play off for him began unhappily. His team lost to Litvinov 2: 3 and decided to hunt the Slovak goalkeeper.

The players of Rybár praised after the match. “If it was not his, the result looked quite different, he was very much in luck, Litvínov had a lot of renumbering,” the striker Rastislav Dej held him. But in the 50th minute, he made a good jumping pucker for Rybář.

“I wanted to hold him with a crossbow, but he jumped into the jump, then he bounced forward.The player had done it nicely, he was still on my way, and he finished me. It did not make any difference. It’s a terrible shame. But I have to raise my head, forget it, I can not get out of it, “he tried not to worry.

Home: 07:56. Kukumberg, 59:40.

Guests: Wars, 31:04. Luke, 50:51. Martynek


Domestic: Kacetl – Garnett, Dietz, Stuttgart, Newton, Pavlas – Red ), Djerinš, Šimánek – Jaroslav Bednář (C), Kukumberg, Dej – Jarusek, T. Knotek, Picard – Köhler, Dragoun, R. Pavlík.

Petrásek) – Sörvik, Kubát, Gula, F. Pavlík, K. Pilař, Z. Sklenička, Frolo – Martynek, V.Hübl (A), Lukeš – Jurčík, M. Hanzl, J. Černý (A) – M. Hořava, Gerhát, Trávníček (C) – Válek, K. Reichel, J. Doležal.

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