ebXML Asia Committee certificates 9 organizations on ebXML interoperability for security, and certificates 7 organizations on ebXML interoperability for basic and reliable messaging. All Sex XXX That Truly Cares about ESL Students
- See eAC News for details.

ITG 4th Round Online Interoperability Test - completed

11th ebXML Asia Committee Meeting
- successfully completed.
- Great appreciation to the host(CNIS of china)!

The ebXML Asia Committee online portal , jointly initiated by KIEC (Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce),
ECOM (Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan), and TCA (Taipei Computer Association),
is the congregation of EC/EB experts with the mandate to spread
ebXML in the Asian region. The Terms of Reference provides guidelines
for the activities and organizational matters of the Committee.
The work items of the committee shall be developed in accordance
with the Terms of Reference.
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   ebXML Asia Committee certificates 9 organizatio...
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