Cetkovska after another injury claims: I do not feel old, I do not want to end

The score was frowning at her, Japanese Doi over her on Paris clay almost always led.

Cetkovsky on Court No. 3 still did not look like a pile of misfortune. She laughed for a while, one of her tongues was torn down.

She was happy to play again without suffering. At the famous tournament. In the city where she found her second home.

“The last couple of months have been terribly heavy, so I’m happy to have done the match so well,” she said. “In defeat, I’m a little sad, but I can not expect miracles.” In June 2012, she climbed to the 25th place on the ladder, never before or higher.

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The ankle was seriously bloody at the London Olympics. The doctors found her bone marrow swelling. The pain of her foot was throbbing before it turned out to have a tiredness fracture.

And since last July, a hippopotamus with a hip. “Just when I finally did,” she laughs.

She was listening to the doctor’s advice, but it did not matter.She left her right now in the spring.

The exact diagnosis leaves for herself: “Something with cartilage and some…”

Increases? “No.”

Problems spread to other parts of the body, such as knees. Often she was crying, sometimes she did not care.

She worked hard and wondered: “Every Energybet free online bet time a person is injured, he realizes what he’s doing on the court of stupidity. The older I am, the more I can enjoy it and enjoy it. “

Than tears

Since last August, she has just entered the third match. This year, it has not even been set. Still, it does not go down in mind. She does not want to say goodbye to her career.

“I do not feel old.

I do not want to quit.If my health does not hold, I will not break it over my knee. But I believe it will go. I’m not so worn out. And I have a new coach. “

Oh yes, she hired a coach she actually looked like a teenager.

” Since April I have been working with the Czech Martin Fassati, “he says. “Finally. We met a Energybet online free bets fedcup team when I was selected as a young hope. As a coach, I loved it. I’m glad it’s out now. “

It fell to the 147th place on the ladder, from which it would not get many larger businesses.However, thanks to the WTA Tour rules after a long-term injury, he may, at his discretion, jump into eight tournaments, of which two Grandslames.

The hideouts hide at the US Open and the Australian Open 2016. > After falling out in Paris, she looks forward to the grass, which should be gentle to her hip. Wimbledon will try to qualify.

“I do not have goals, especially I need to be fit,” she says.

While she was headquartered in the French capital in recent years, she now spends a lot of time Czech.

“If I’m more Parisian or Pražanka? I do not know it’s hard to say.I am a Czech, “she says with a smile that has recently appeared on her face more often than tears.

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