Bartekova: Working in sport diplomacy is a dream come true

LONDON – Election of Danka Bartek in the committee of athletes of the International Olympic Committee, which has become a full member of the top body of the world Olympics, has brought great joy to the Slovak sports family. Slovakia has not had an IOC representative since 2001, when Vladimir Černušák’s age limit expired in 1981. Barteková will be in the new position to decide on the new president of the IOC or the history of the Olympic Games.

“A good master will start well and it will finish well.” On the second day of competition, Danka made me a joy to the medal, and now I am a member of the IOC, we are all very happy, we are looking forward to meeting our expectations.We tested her earlier, we were sure she was a great athlete, honest in training and competing in the competition. She is also educated, wise and kind. I have no doubt that she acted on colleagues in the Olympic Village. Winning a 500-point lead is a great achievement of Danka Bartek, “ was the president of the Slovak Olympic Committee Frantisek Chmelar.

Slovak athletes have tried to join the IOC commission, Petr Šťastný, Martine Moravcova, Karin Habsudova and Miroslav Šatan. “We bet on Dank and we managed to do it. We look forward to working with her.I believe that our Athletes Commission will also get a new impulse and the athletes will be active in the design of a better sports system in Slovakia. “ František Chmelár.

By choosing Bartek, . SOV did the utmost to get his deputy to the IOC. “It’s an amazing day, it’s probably the most beautiful day of Slovak sports in the past 23 years, so we have not been able to get it so high that we have done the best to have Danka good ground under our feet. She is an outstanding athlete and man.It’s a beautiful and historical success, “ said SOV Secretary General Jozef Liba.

Bartekova will introduce herself as a new member of the IOC during the closing ceremony of OH in London. The celebration event will be watched live by her parents, who promptly invite the Slovak Olympic Committee to the British metropolis.

“Danka will be the first lady tomorrow for us tomorrow. The success of the entire Slovak Olympic family, “ was added by Jozef Liba.

Finally, the tension in which I lived for several days will fall. Today I was waiting for the results to be declared with humility. I had a secret dream – working in sport diplomacy.I’m looking forward to a new job, “ said the bronze medalist from skeet on XXX Games on the first reaction after the results were announced. In addition to Danka Bartek’s, fourteen more post-graduate positions were postponed after the end of the 2012 Hikam El Guerrrouja, Ranie Elwani, Frankie Fredericks and Jan Zelezny. Three other athletes stood out of the Central and South-East European region. The election period will last for eight years. The right to vote had all athletes who got to the 2012 Olympics. They could vote directly in the Olympic Village or in reserved places in extended official hostels outside London.Together with Bartek, the IOC athletes also chose James Tomkins, swimmer Kirsty Coventry from Zimbabwe, and Tony Estanguet’s French slalom.

Bartek’s election to the Athletes’ Commission has won a sovereign win. It received 2295 votes from OH attendees, followed by Tomkins with 1802 votes, Coventry with 1797 and Estanguet with 1779. Total 6924 voters took part in the vote, which is a 64 percent stake.

For me, this success is just as important as the one at the beginning of the Olympics, and I am looking forward to the cooperation with the Slovak Olympic Committee, and I was very pleased to be a member of the IOC, and it was clear to me that the only way to tune it is through a sports committee. For me, it is not just joy but also responsibility.I have become a representative of athletes, and I consider them the best to represent them as I know. “

The sporting committee she has been leading since 22 July instead of Frederick Claudia Bokel has met once or twice The International Olympic Committee currently has 109 regular members, 32 Honorable Members, and the International Olympic Committee has 109 members, 32 Honorary Members, and the International Olympic Committee Members and one extraordinary member.

“The starting situation was not pink, I had to be humble when I saw the names of my opponents.It finally happened very well, I appreciate this victory. “

Each of the candidates had to stick to the electoral manual. The applicants had the opportunity to present themselves on a black and white A4 poster, they projected them in the Olympic Village Candidates in conversations with athletes tried to convince everyone that she was not only artificially placed to become a member of the IOC, but wanted to be an active deputy, and was presented as a man who was interested in working for the athletes, The coach Juraj Sedlak, who has recently expressed his concern or, in addition to the function, will be pursuing and sporting.

“I assured him that I am first of all an athlete.I love my sport and I will continue to do so. Two years ago, when I was an ambassador at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, I had a tough year, and then I had the greatest achievements. I am exactly the type of person who, when it must, works. When I have a lot, I’m doing better, “said Danka Bartekova, who is now opening up new opportunities. ” Now they throw a glove in front of me and try again to make the most of it , “

She is waiting for her first duties as a member of the IOC.On the last day of the London Olympics, he will meet Jacques Rogge, President of the IOC, for breakfast, then attend the plenary session and officially present him as a member of the organization during the closing ceremony.

“Certainly my work in the IOC is not about coming and blowing now”, says Bartekova, who had to wait for two election results Days longer. Then she was nervous. “Before the first press conference to announce the results and finally postpone it, I was really nervous, and I said gold shooting, golden sport, this decision to change my life, I was quieter today. I realized it was not important to stress.I said that it is already decided and if it does not work, I will not change it anymore and I may try it again, “added Danka Bartekova.