Baros will play the EL group seven years later, as a captain

Milan Baroš will play in a basic group of European cups after seven years. The match of the European League in Baku against Karabakh will be more interesting for him to lead Liberec footballers as captain instead of the injured Lukáš Pokorný. “Of course, I am very excited, because Europe is always specific. I played it for the last time in Turkey for Galatasaray Istanbul, it’s been a couple of years ago, and I am glad that Liberec managed to join us in the summer, we have beautiful matches ahead and tomorrow it starts.We are looking forward to the whole manchaft, “said Baros at the pre-press press conference in Baku.

The 41-year-old former Liverpool striker and the second best shooter of Czech national history were among the Azerbaijani journalists, He asked if he was too old for a European cup.

“So I’m not a young man,” Baroš laughed. “I’m 35 years old. But I feel good, I’m fine. This is the main thing for me to train and to be on the pitch at 100 percent.Of course, the younger players are around me for ten and twelve years, but I feel fine now, “added Liberce from Mladá Boleslav.

Baroš will have a captain’s tape against Karabakh, which he takes over the place The injured Pokorny hunter. “It is definitely a loss, Poky has played with Good Hockey and was used to it. But football simply brings this. Pokos has disappeared and I hope he will be back soon, “said Baros.

” There are other boys who will be ready to represent him. There is a chance for them to catch, play a good match, and help the coach to make it easier to decide who to build. “

Also, Karabakh’s injured footballer Badavi Hüsejnov Played in recent duel 3.The Premier League Champions League against Plzen, in which the West Bohemians happily moved the 0: 0 draws and 1: 1 away. “We saw the cuts of the Karabakh matches against Pilsen and still in the home league, and I think it is not so important who plays them because they have a system that is running in. If one defender has fallen, it will be similar to us. “We have to concentrate on our performance and play as we said on video today, if we do, we have a chance to succeed here,” said Baros.